Wakeboarding Bali – The Most Challenging Tanjung Benoa Watersports

There are many things that you can do while on holiday in Bali. Such as visiting the place of interest, or sunbathing on the best beach in Bali. How about if we suggest you join water activities in Bali such as wakeboarding Bali? At this moment there are two Bali water activities that famous among of travelers when they are on holiday in Bali, and the two Bali water activities are:

  • Bali White Water Rafting.
  • Bali Marine Water Sports Activities.

Furthermore, Tanjung Benoa Nusa Dua is the central spot for Bali marine tourism activities. Therefore, Bali maritime tourism activities at Tanjung Benoa beach known as Tanjung Benoa beach water sports.

One of Tanjung Benoa water sports activity that many tourists preferred to do is Bali parasailing adventure. The wakeboarding Bali is the most wanted Tanjung Benoa Watersports activities, besides parasailing Bali.

Therefore, if you want to know more details about Wakeboarding Bali in Tanjung Benoa beach, please continue reading!

What Is Wakeboarding?

Some of you must have done wakeboarding activity or have heard about wakeboarding, but for those who do not, below you can get general information about wakeboarding event.

The wakeboarding event is one of water sports category, which is done above the water surface using a wakeboard. Wakeboarding activity developed from a combination of surfing activities and water skiing activities.

Participants who join wakeboarding pulled by a speedboat with speed approximately 25 km/hours. The pace of wake-board drawn by speedboat depends on the weight of participants, as well as the movement of members. The speed during of wake-board activity also relies on the type of motorboat used. The more powerful the speedboat, the faster the wake-board can run.

Wakeboard does not always use the speedboat to full the participants. Sometimes wake-board is withdrawn using a cable system. To make it easier to understand on wake-boarding cable systems, please click this link, Wakeboarding cable systems.

Tanjung Benoa Wakeboarding

Tanjung Benoa wakeboarding activity using speedboats. Also, considered as the most challenging Bali water sports activities, due is hard to do for those who do not have experience. Also, Tanjung Benoa wakeboarding requiring strong stamina and proper body balance of the participants.

Before members perform Tanjung Benoa wakeboarding activity, participants briefed by wakeboarding instructor and participants should wear a life jacket, no matter how good they are swimming.

Furthermore, the total duration of wakeboarding activity in Tanjung Benoa Bali is 30 minutes. The time length includes briefing time from the instructor, preparation time and escort time to the wake-board location.

Price Of Wakeboarding Bali

Publish PriceInternet Booking Price
USD 40 / PaxUSD 35 / Pax

Note On The Price Of Wakeboarding Bali

  • Bali wakeboarding operator is Bali Water Sport Package.
  • The duration of the activity is 15 minutes.
  • Wakeboarding Tanjung Benoa Bali price valid until December 31, 2019.
  • The price of Tanjung Benoa wakeboarding includes insurance during activity, service charges and taxes.
  • Insurance for participants provided by Bali Water Sport Package.
  • Publish price is the price that you will get if you buy directly (walk-in booking) at the event location with Bali Water Sport Package.
  • Internet price only valid if booked online through Bali Water Sport Package website.
  • Price between adults and children are at the same rate.
  • Bali wakeboarding required minimum age 12 years old.
  • Maximum age 60 years old to be allowed to join wakeboarding Bali water sport.
  • The price of Tanjung Benoa wakeboarding for one-time activity.

Tanjung Benoa Watersports Free Round Trips Transfer Requirements

To get a free shuttle, therefore customers should book at a minimum:

  • Reserved 3 Tanjung Benoa water sports activities for one person and the minimum booking is two people on the same type of game.
  • Book 2 Tanjung Benoa water sports activities for one pax and the minimum booking is three people on the same kinds of activities.
  • Book Bali marine water sports package with two people minimum booking.
  • Areas in Bali included in the free shuttle service are Nusa Dua Bali, Kuta, Jimbaran, Legian, Tanjung Benoa, Sanur, Seminyak, and Airport.
  • Additional charge applies if the pickup outside of the area indicated, extra cost depending on the distance of each pickup location.
  • Therefore, if your location is outside an indicated area, please contact us to find out the additional cost of the shuttle.