Bali Rolling Donut – Fun Tanjung Benoa Marine Recreation

Bali rolling donut activity, to those people who never try it, surely there will be a question in their mind. First of all, on this page, we will explain to you about one of Bali marine sport at Tanjung Benoa Bali.

While doughnut, a word that familiar to our ears. The shape is round, and in the middle, there is a hole. However, on this page, we do not write about Doughnut as food but a rolling donut as a water sports activity in Bali. If you go to Tanjung Benoa Beach Bali, you see a new game called Bali rolling donut. These are not a set of eating donuts.

Tanjung Benoa Marine Recreation

While Bali rolling donut ride, in Indonesian called Bali Rolling Donat! As an inflatable raft, which is looking like Doughnut. Also, the boat can accommodate up to two or four people and pull by speedboats around the coast. The game is relatively new for Tanjung Benoa marine recreation, in addition to:

  • Flying Fish water sports Tanjung Benoa activities.
  • Wakeboarding Tanjung Benoa Bali.
  • Single parasailing in Tanjung Benoa.

Furthermore, rolling donut boat facility varied by the number of passengers, it can be for two people or four people. Therefore, the number of passengers on the right side and left side of the boat should be the same. These to keep the balance when a speedboat pulls the inflatable raft. The distance between inflatable rafts to speedboat is about five meters. For one round of this game lasts about 15 minutes.

The tools used such as inflatable rafts, speedboat, life jacket used by each passenger and the guide must meet international standards. Due to the comfort and safety of riders are the top priority. Before the rolling donut Bali game begins, the guide will be happy to give directions, explanation on how the tools used, what to do while on the boat, how to secure yourself if you dropped from the vessel, and other things for the sake of safety.

Seawater conditions Tanjung Benoa beach is perfect for Tanjung Benoa marine sports activities. The guides well trained and experienced will be happy to accompany you on the beach while enjoying the beautiful coastal scenery during the day. It is fun when done with friends and family.

Bali Rolling Donut Tanjung Benoa Price

Publish RateOur Rate
USD 35 / personUSD 20 / person

Note On Rolling Donut Bali Recreation

  • Rolling Donut Tanjung Benoa activity duration is 15 minutes.
  • The Tanjung Benoa water sports operator who provide rolling donut Bali is Bali Water Sport Package.
  • Price for rolling donut Bali on the above table is for one person.
  • Activity price includes insurance, service charge and tax.
  • Participants insurance provider by Bali Water Sport Package..
  • Participant Minimum age allows eight years old.
  • Maximum age allows 65 years old.
  • Life jacket provided.
  • Publish price will be applied, if you book rolling donut activity on the water sports site (walk-in booking).
  • Our internet price only applies if you book through us.
  • Transportation excluded in rolling donut ticket prices.
  • To get free pick up and return transfer services, you need to reserve 3 activities for one person with minimum booking two people. Alternatively, reserve two events for each with minimum booking three people.
  • Get marine water sports packages in Bali for cheaper rates with pick up and return transfer services.